Class 7th

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  1. Name the gas which is used by white blood cells to kill the invading bacteria.

      (a) Oxygen                                    (b) Carbon dioxide     
(c) Nitrogen                                  (d) Chlorine
  1. What is the percentage of oxygen in the inhaled air?

      (a) 21%                                       (b) 16.4%                    
(c) 18%                       (d) 20%
  1. What is the percentage of CO, in the exhaled air?

      (a) 23%                                       (b) 4.4%                      
(c) 6%                         (d) 0.04%
  1. Normal range of breathing rate per minute in an adult person at rest is

      (a) 9 - 12                                    (b) 15 - 18                   
(c) 21 - 24                   (d) 30 - 33
  1. Muscle cramps occurs due to accumulation of

      (a) Lactic acid                               (b) Acetic acid
(c) Alcohol                                   (d) Malice acid
  1. During exhalation the ribs

      (a) move down and inwards                     (b) move upwards
      (c) move outwards                        (d) do not move at all
  1. In cockroach, air enters the body through

      (a) Lungs                                     (b) Gills
      (c) Spiracles                                 (d) Skin
  1. The air tubes in insects are called

      (a) Bronchus                                  (b) Tracheae
(c) Nostrils                                  (d) blowholes
  1. Name the muscular sheet which separates the abdomen from the chest cavity.

      (a) Diaphram                                  (b) Ribs
(c) Spiracles                                 (d) Tracheae
  1. Birds breathe through

      (a) Lungs                                     (b) Kidney
(c) Spiracles                                 (d) Skin


  1. (a)  2. (a)  3. (b)   4. (b)   5. (a)  6. (a)   7. (c)   8.(b)  9. (a)   10. (a)