Class 5th




  1. The control center of the human body is

     a) heart                       b) brain          
     c) liver                       d) kidney
  1. The most important system in our body is

     a) Circulatory System          b) Nervous System     
     c) Skeletal System             d) Excretory System
  1. Nervous System is made of special cells called___________

     a) skeletal                    b) cardiac                    
     c) neurons                     d) smooth
  1. The weight of brain is about __________

     a) 1/2 kilogram                b) 1 1/2 kilograms        
     c) 1 kilogram                  d) 2 kilograms
  1. The big brain is called _________

     a) Cerebellum                  b) Cerebrum         
     c) Medulla                     d) Spinal Cord
  1. Heartbeat is controlled by__________

     a) The Spinal Cord             b) The Medulla 
     c) The Cerebellum              d) The Cerebrum
  1. Reflex action is an_______reaction.
     a) autonomous                   b) automatic               
     c) mechanized                   d) involuntary
  1. Sensory nerves carry impulses from

    a) brain to sense organs        b) sense organs to brain 
    c) stomach to brain             d) periphery to centre
  2. We have_________sense organs.

     a) 3                            b) 7        
     c) 4                            d) 5

10.You should read in a proper light of_________

     a) 200 watt bulb                b) 100 watt bulb          
     c) 40 watt bulb                 d) 150 watt bulb
  1. (b) 2.(b) 3.(c)  4.(b) 5.(b) 6.(b) 7.(b) 8.(b) 9.(d) 10.(b)